Nutrition and Physical Activity

Nutrition and Physical Activity

This page contains resources to help providers to improve the quality of life of survivors through nutrition and physical activity changes.

The Nutrition, Physical Activity, Body Weight, and Cancer Survivorship Series

This informational six-part series is appropriate for primary care and oncology healthcare providers working with cancer survivors during treatment, immediately after treatment, or during long-term survivorship.

The purpose of the series is to provide healthcare teams with information about nutrition, physical activity, and body weight for cancer survivors and to provide resources that can be used with patients who are cancer survivors. This program meets the Survivorship Program Standard 4.8 requirements from the Commission on Cancer (CoC), American College of Surgeons. 

Benefits of Healthy Behaviors for Cancer Survivors Video Series

This informative video series describes the benefits of healthy behaviors during and after treatment for people with cancer and cancer survivors. Five animated videos provide key messages about healthy diets, physical activity, healthy body weight, and alcohol consumption. The last video covers special topics of interest to cancer survivors, including dietary supplements, special diets, intermittent fasting, cannabis, stress, sleep, and emotional and mental health.

Resources Addressing Food Insecurity

This helpful list of resources to address food insecurity can help CCC coalitions to reach their goals for increasing food security among people with cancer and their caregivers.

Increasing Food Security Efforts Across the Cancer Continuum

This helpful food security toolkit for CCC coalitions contains resources and recommendations that are aligned with the Whitehouse National Strategy for improving food access and affordability and integrating nutrition into disease management. The prevalence of low food security among people with cancer and their caregivers is much higher than the prevalence in the general population.

Food Insecurity Tip Sheets

This set of resources includes fact sheets on food insecurity for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Tip Sheets

This set of resources includes fact sheets on diet and physical activity, healthy eating tips, and three fact sheets on food insecurity for cancer survivors and caregivers.

Let's Talk Nutrition and Physical Activity Course

The American Cancer Society created a role-playing training simulation called Let’s Talk: Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer Survivorship.

The simulation training course was designed to give health care providers, physician assistants, nurses, and nurse practitioners new ideas for getting better results from their conversations with cancer survivors. The free and CME/CEU-accredited training uses evidence-based motivational interviewing techniques to help patients build up their motivation to make healthy lifestyle choices.

ACS Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

At least 18% of all cancers and about 16% of cancer deaths in the United States are related to excess body weight, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, and/or poor nutrition. Many of these cancers could potentially be prevented by following the ACS recommendations on nutrition and physical activity (NUPA). Check out these two helpful NUPA guideline resources for cancer prevention and for cancer survivors.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Resources

This PSE resource guide provides information, data, and tools to help cancer coalitions promote healthy nutrition and physical activity across the cancer continuum. The PSE resource page also provides other PSE resources that coalitions can use to help improve nutrition and physical activity in communities and workplaces.