Communication Tools and Resources

Communication Tools and Resources

Find information and tools to help you create a coalition identity and effectively communicate your key stories and messages.

Telling Your Story

Digital Storytelling for Cancer Coalitions

Digital Storytelling for Coalitions. Most of us learn to appreciate stories at a very early age. Digital stories help you to reach your audiences because digital stories are easily accessible and interesting for your audience. Learn how to create and share digital stories in this interactive, online course.

Copywriting for Cancer Coalitions

Copywriting for Cancer Coalitions. Copywriting is the practice of using words to persuade people towards a decision. Copywriting can help you to increase your communication effectiveness by writing compelling messages and persuasive reasons. Learn basic copywriting principles from this interactive, online course.

Promoting Your Coalition

Branding and Marketing Webinar

Branding and Marketing Webinar. Branding helps to create a unique meaning for your coalition in the minds of your audience. Learn how to develop a coalition identity, a coalition brand, and key marketing messages in this branding webinar.

Slogans and Logos for Cancer Coalitions

Slogans and Logos for Cancer Coalitions. Slogans and logos associate phrases (slogans) and images (logos) with ideas that are already in the mind of your audience. Learn how to help your audiences remember you by creating a memorable slogan and logo in this interactive, online course.

Promoting Existing CCC Successes

Promoting Existing Comprehensive Cancer Control Successes provides a framework that can guide CCC programs and cancer coalitions in sharing their success stories with a broad audience. It is based on interviews conducted with representatives from CCC Programs and cancer coalitions who shared their experiences in successfully promoting their stories.