As a training and technical assistance provider of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, ACS offers this website, compiling ACS events and resources for your cancer coalition efforts.

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ACS CCC Resources for Your Program or Coalition

Enhance the Capacity of Your CCC Program or Coalition

What's Happening

Learn about upcoming trainings and webinars related to your Comprehensive Cancer Control work.

Quickly review the speaker notes and slide presentations from past webinars.
Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

Learn how to implement PSE changes and how to organize your PSE media efforts.
Nutrition and Physical Activity

Learn how to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors through positive changes in nutrition and physical activity.
Coalition Health

Learn more about how to grow and sustain your coalition.
Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

Explore tip sheets and fact sheets about Comprehensive Cancer Control implementation.
ACS Regional Partners

Find your American Cancer Society staff partners here, as well as links to key CCC partners in your state.
Forums and Workshops

Learn about upcoming forums and workshops and learn from past forums and workshops.

Resources From Across the American Cancer Society

ACS Resources to Help You and Your Partners

Roundtable Resources

See the websites for the National Roundtables on HPV Vaccination, Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Navigation.
Cancer Data Resources

See the latest ACS Cancer Facts and Figures PDF, detailed statistics at the Cancer Statistics Center, and try out the interactive Lung Cancer Atlas website.
Policy Resources

Learn about policy actions that are taking place in your state and that the national level.
Health Equity

See a selection of ACS resources to help your state coalition address the issues of health equity in cancer control.

Resources for CCC Efforts Across the Cancer Continuum

ACS Resources That You Want to Know About


Learn more about what you can do to prevent cancer through making healthier decisions around tobacco, diet, nutrition, physical activity, and vaccinations.
Screening and Early Detection

Learn more about cancer screening and early detection.

Learn more about the national and local programs and services for patients who are being treated for cancer.

Learn more about the available support groups and resources for cancer survivors.