Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

Use these Cancer Plan Tip Sheets to help guide your Cancer Plan revision process.

Cancer Plan Tip Sheets

Cancer Plan Tip Sheets. Cancer Plan Tip Sheets are designed to help CCC program staff, coalition staff, and volunteers to update their cancer plans. Each tip sheet focuses on a specific topic such as colorectal cancer screening, HPV vaccination, or healthy behaviors for cancer survivors. The series was developed through the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership. Check back regularly for new editions in the series!

CCC Implementation Building Blocks Guide

CCC Implementation Building Blocks Guide. The building blocks and tools in this guide were designed to change and improve the way a CCC coalition implements its cancer plan. The guide is not about magical methods or the latest fads in business operations. Instead, it contains a simplified, tried and true process for mobilizing CCC coalitions to make a difference in their work on their cancer plans.