Food Insecurity Resources

Food Insecurity Resources

The resources on this page provide information on how to understand and improve food security for cancer survivors and caregivers.

What's the Connection? Food Insecurity, Obesity, and Cancer

The connection between food insecurity, obesity, and cancer is that people who experience food insecurity are at a higher risk for obesity, which is associated with an increased risk of 13 different types of cancer.

Food Insecurity - Root Causes and Impact on Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

More than 35 million adults and 11 million children were food insecure in 2019. Low income, limited access to transportation, and foods and drinks that are low in nutrition are among the root causes of the problem.

Food Insecurity - Resources and Tips for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

Overlapping life challenges can force families to make trade-offs among housing or medical bills and nutritionally-adequate food. This tip sheet gives ideas and links to help reduce food insecurity.