Physical Activity

Physical Activity

This page provides additional resources for encouraging employees to increase their physical activity.

Worksite Physical Activity Guideline

This document provides information to help employers develop a physical activity guideline for their company. It discusses four areas that could be included in a physical activity guideline for employees: 1) a brief overview of the scientific evidence, 2) American Cancer Society physical activity recommendations, 3) company guideline language, and 4) a list of guideline implementation options.

Indoor Walking Trail

This helpful guide provides seven posters for healthy exercises that employees can perform while walking around an indoor walking trail within a building. 

Tips for Being Physically Active

Being physically active is one of the best things you can do for your health. This tip sheet gives you five tips for being physically active and staying motivated.

Fitness at Your Desk Infographic

This handy infographic gives you 15 exercises that you can do at your desk to exercise and stay healthy.